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"My purpose and desire in life is to help others feel more balanced and connected with themselves, and everything around them."


Jennifer was born and raised on a small hobby farm in Ontario, Canada. Both her parents had a strong love for animals and valued hard work and being kind to all beings. Her upbringing cultivated an empathetic and intuitive outlook on life and as she aged, she realized not everyone was bless with this mindset. She dove deep into her journey to a healthy mindset in 2014 when she became a certified ThetaHealer. This modality taught her how to use her intuition to guide people deeper within themselves to create the change they desire. 

Over the years, Zen Jen has taught her clients how to build a resilient mindset through a three-part process; 1) Self Awareness 2) healthy relationships and 3) Faith and Flow.

Jennifer has developed her own unique way of tapping into her clients emotional blocks and shifts their perspectives to create a new set point. 

Jennifer specializes in shifting clients away from grief, anxiety and fear and provides an action plan to help them cultivate a healthy and growth-oriented mindset.


ThetaHealing Certifications:

Basic/Advanced                   Rainbow Children

Intuitive Anatomy                 Plant & Animal

Dig Deeper                            You and Earth

Game of Life                         You and The Creator

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