"My purpose and desire in life is to help others feel more balanced and connected with themselves, and everything around them."

Jennifer was born and raised on a small hobby farm in Ontario, Canada. Both her parents had a strong love for animals and worked in the animal welfare industries. Her connection with nature and animals was nurtured and encouraged from a young age and her gentle and intuitive nature lead her to her career  in mental health, 

Jennifer specializes with helping people suffering with compassion fatigue, lack of faith and limiting blocks and beliefs. These can manifest in mental or physical ways.

While working with palliative patients and their care givers, Jennifer also noted the need for support for workers in the animal welfare industries. 

Those who put out some much love, energy and time for others well being, are suffering the most. Jennifer offers workshops, mentorships and private sessions that support compassion fatigue sufferers.

As Jennifer progressed through her life, she realized that her understanding and connection with animals was much deeper than most people. She seemed to know what an animal was thinking, and what aliments it may be suffering from. and emotions it may be feeling. She developed and fine-tuned this skill and now works with animals all over the world helping with behavior issues, health concerns and deepening the connection between pets and their owners.

Jennifer loves to teach and share with others their natural ability to connect deeper with themselves, and everything around them and how to heal from within.

ThetaHealing Certifications:

Basic/Advanced                   Rainbow Children

Intuitive Anatomy                 Plant & Animal

Dig Deeper                            You and Earth

Game of Life                         You and The Creator

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