Learn the intuitive language of animals.

Animal communication is an intuitive skill that anyone can learn to master.

It's not just a gift for some, but an ability that can be fine-tuned with training and practice.

Chances are, you already feel a deep affection for the animal kingdom, and that is the first step in opening the lines of communication. The next steps are to understand how you communicate with yourself, and the world around you. By understanding your Self better, you'll deepen your connection with everything around you.

You will learn and practice:

  • how to meditate with animals.

  • how to recognize your ego vs your intuition.

  • how you uniquely connect intuitively to the world around you.

  • how to recognize and enhance your natural abilities.

  • how to scan the energetic body of an animal.

  • how to scan the physical body of an animal.

  • how to read genetic beliefs and DNA memories.

  • how to use Universal Energy to heal animals.

Who is this program for?

  • Dog trainers/groomers

  • Veterinary staff

  • Animal rescue group

  • Horse trainers

  • Coaches

  • Farm owners

  • Animal Communicators

  • any individual ready to advance their personal and professional life

Be prepared to clear away limiting blocks and fears and create a more balanced way of being. This one-on-one Mentorship means custom private sessions designed to help you advance where you naturally shine and requires no skills to start.

The program consist of 3 modules

Check out Denise's testimony of the Intuitive Animal Mentorship. Denise completed the 16 week private one-on-one program with high recognition in her healing abilties.


Pay in full and SAVE $300!

Mentorship Fee: $2400  $2100

Payment Plan - 4 Payments

Monthly Mentorship Fee: $600





Online video conference. 

Clear your blocks, enhance your intuition, communicate with animals. Weekly for 16 weeks.


Lots of documentation to support what you learn, and  practice to increase your growth and achievements. 


Your success is my success. Our one-on-one sessions are custom designed for YOU to succeed. That's my guarantee.


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