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Would you like to participate and aid in the healing of sick, injured, diseased or emotionally imbalanced animals?


When people come together with good intentions, prayers and compassion; miracles do happen. 


The Animal Healing Circle is all about humans coming together with the same goals and intentions; healing animals intuitively and holistically. 


Join me in my effort to help as many animals as possible and learn my unique healing technique that has helped hundreds of animals all over the world. 


Each week the group will focus on up to 5 animals in the healing circle. 

healing circle.png


We will meet over ZOOM and record the circle and replays can be accessed if you miss a live.


Your participation is so important and the more you comment and share your personal experience with everyone in the circle, the bigger and more complete understanding we will have of the animal. 


The owners of the animals will be notified of the healing and will be asked to keep us posted on progress and results. 


Each week we will get together and follow the same procedure:

First, as a group we will follow the process for connecting to an animal intuitively with the intention to communicate and get clarity on the situation.

Next, as a group we will look for the relationship between the ailment and the emotion stuck in the body.

Then, as a group we will look for the solutions, both emotionally and physically. 

Finally, as a group we will witness the changes required to see the results desired.


The circles intentions is to help animals heal, but the added benefit is the increase in self awareness and intuitive development participants will experience.



Thanks for joining! An email will be sent with the link to the circle.

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