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Learn how to know, hear and speak your intuitive language.

Intuitive Alignment Mentorship

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If you are ready to step up, and step into the life you are meant to live?



the time is now...

Intuitive Communication Mentorship

Designed to help you peel back the layers and highlight all your unique and hidden abilities. Working with me means you'll learn how to connect deeper with yourself through meditation and more mindful thought patterns. Together we will clear away blocks and uncover your purpose and create a plan to get you where you want to be.


What's included:

  • RESET - Learn your meditation style

    • customized guided meditations​.

    • tips for getting the most out of meditation.

    • visualization and manifestation techniques .

  • REDIRECT - Heal Your Heart, Master your Mind

    • healing sessions designed to release blocks and re-align you​ with your intuitive knowings.

    • clear away limiting fears from the past, the present and the future.

    • learn how to heal yourself

    • learn how to change your mindset

  • REALIGN - Intuitive Teachings

    • learn the difference between your ego and your intuition. Get clear on who is driving your life.​

    • learn your intuitive language and discover all the abilities you have stored away in your Intuitive Tool Belt.

    • set a redirect plan in place that keeps you on your growth mindset and intuitively connected.

Designed to get you realigned

Meditation & Relaxation


Learn how to calm and relax your mind and body using meditation. I share with you customized tips and techniques for introducing  meditation and mindful living into your daily life.

I'll guide you through several custom meditations to show you how you can easily and effectively meditate.

Clear your energy


These session focus on clearing away any limiting beliefs or fears. Together we will look at  what  makes you who you are and release anything that no longer serves you. ThetaHealing sessions help you connect to your higher purpose and leaves you feeling lighter, brighter and clearer.

Growth and intuition


In these sessions, we will focus on uncovering how you learn intuitively, and how to support and grow these abilities.
With guidance and practice, you will be able to tap into the energy all around you and connect with Universal Truth at any time in any place. 

You are never alone during this life-changing process. With private sessions every week during this 3 month program, you'll get personal support and customized processes.

I will make sure that your progress is exceeding both our expectations


12 Weekly



All sessions take place online via video conference.

Sessions are scheduled weekly.


Lots of documentation to support what you learn, and  practice to increase your growth and achievements. 


Your success is my success. Our one-on-one sessions are custom designed for YOU to succeed. That's my guarantee.

Here's what people are saying about Zen Jen's programs:

"I am extremely grateful to you for bringing new-found joy into my life! I feel that a new path as opened up for me." -D.S

"Beyond amazing! I would rate this higher than 5 out of 5 if I could!" - Robyn

"After one session, I felt so much better about myself and my life. THANK YOU!" - Lisa

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