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Learn The Intuitive Language of Animals

Online Course

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Animal communication is an intuitive skill that anyone can learn to master.

It's not just a gift for some, but an ability that can be fine-tuned with training and practice.

Chances are, you already feel a deep affection for the animal kingdom, and that is the first step in opening the lines of communication.

The Animal Communication Online course is a great place to start and is ideal for beginners and experienced communicators.

Learn at your pace, on your schedule

  • Learn the 3 BENEFITS of learning animal communication and how this life changing skill will affect your life.

    • Healthier relationships with animals & humans

    • Release fears & blocks

    • Personal growth & confidence​

  • Learn the 3 KEYS you need to know to effectively communicate clear messages with animals.

    • Know your intuition vs ego

    • Setting clear Intentions

    • Relaxed body and clear mind​

  • Learn the 3 STEPS to mastering clear communication with animals.

    • Physical cues​

    • Emotions & thoughts

    • Visualization & results

Zen Jen Animal Communication Mentorship

Who is the online program for?

  • Dog trainers/groomers

  • Veterinary staff

  • Animal rescue group

  • Horse trainers

  • Coaches

  • Farm owners

  • Animal Communicators

  • any individual ready to advance their personal and professional life

Zen Jen Animal Communication Mentorship

Register before March 31st for only 

$99  $45

You will be redirected to the online learning platform, and enrol in the Intuitive Mindset Academy

The program consist of 3 modules

Check out Denise's testimony of the Intuitive Animal Mentorship. Denise completed the 16 week private one-on-one program with high recognition in her healing abilties.



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