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We can learn so much from our beloved animal family.

How to live more peaceful, curious and much more relaxed are only a few things they demonstrate for us every day.

Animals (like humans) have emotions, thoughts and personality. Some animals are more reserved and introvert, while others are more outgoing and very chatty. But the one thing that remains the same in all the animal kingdom, is their ability to love unconditionally. When I work with your pet, my focus will be around their relationship with you, their environment and their health and wellness.

The goal is to help you AND your pet feel heard and understood. 

Typically, pets have some questions for their owners that may surprise you! Their insight and curiosity into your life solidifies their unconditional love for you and all life. 

For rescue or animal welfare clients, my focus is on addressing their past situation, and what they need now to feel more comfortable and prepared for rehabilitation. These sessions are an effective addition to any successful rehabilitation .  

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